Starting a new career or heading in to a new industry can be tough, and finding the right information or advice isn't always easy. Laura is giving you her best tips and advice for getting into the pet industry, whatever the sector or role is you are after, this course will give you some expert information to get you started on the right foot.

Who is this course for?

Anyone considering a career in the pet industry whether that is grooming, dog walker, breeding, day care, training, or other. Or you are someone who already works in a pet related role but you want to move on, set up your own business or expand your avenues, this course will also provide you with the right advice to get you feeling confident, ready and excited! If you are someone who just likes animals and could see themselves working with them but doesn't know what, why or how then this course is also perfect for you.

Reasons to enrol in this course?

  • You will receive expert advice from a successful business owner, academy director and professional pet stylist with 30 years experience building and growing a pet industry empire.
  • Honest, quality advice for working in the pet industry that you won't find anywhere else.
  • Professional tips that make a huge difference to your confidence, expertise and capabilities.

Your Instructor

Laura Campanella

From her academy in the north of London, Laura Campanella Academy Director of groomarts, teaches practical pet grooming and animal welfare courses, educating people to become qualified pet groomers and raising the standard of pet care. Laura has a dream that every pet or animal around the world will receive the best level of care, attention and affection everyday, and that everyone has the opportunity to receive dedicated training and trustworthy advice.

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