We have animal welfare courses, pet styling courses, pet grooming courses and everything in-between from standard grooms to pet first aid, to business advice and support for dog walkers and groomers. If it relates to a dog or cat, we will have a course for it! And anyone who loves pets and wants to learn more about them can study with us.

Your Instructor

Laura Campanella

Academy Director of groomarts

From her academy just north of London, Laura Campanella teaches professional pet styling and pet care qualifications and helps hundreds of people every year to set up and run a successful pet styling business with exceptional standards.

Laura's mission is to ensure that every pet around the world has the chance to receive the best level of care and grooming everyday, and that every person has the opportunity to learn how to look after their pets easily and professionally.

These online courses are a way for Laura to share her exclusive and expert knowledge with you, and provide you with the most trustworthy and dedicated advice there is so that your pet can stay feeling and looking its best.


I loved the course from start to finish. I had always had a passion for dogs and this was the first step towards achieving my dream.


The team at groomarts were so lovely and supportive throughout, giving me expert tips, techniques and advice which was really invaluable.


The course was really informative and I learnt so much more than I could have ever imagined. I was really impressed with the detail and level of education.

Video Courses

Each course is accompanied by an exclusive demonstration video that offers easy to follow, easy to replicate and immediate take action steps to pet care and grooming, making your learning experience incredibly easy, flexible and fun.

Because pet grooming and care is a practical skill, professionals must bear in mind that online courses cannot in anyway substitute for hands-on time with dogs.

For a practical in-house course, check out groomarts OCN Level 3 Diploma in Dog Groominhttps://groomarts.com/courses/ocn-level3-diploma, which is an intensive one-month course where you'll be supervised by our award-winning tutors and groom 30 dogs during your course, designed to give you confidence and knowledge to open your own salon.